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Office Alternative - Free Office

Office Alternative - Free Office services for OEMs: FreeOffice is one of the leading free office suites worldwide. Since its foundation (1987 as a sole proprietorship, since 1989 as a limited-liability company), SoftMaker has been developing office software: word processing (TextMaker), spreadsheet (PlanMaker), presentation graphics (SoftMaker Presentations) and database (DataMaker) software. The "flagship" product SoftMaker Office is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Android.

What puts SoftMaker software in a class of its own are its intuitive user interface, ease of use, seamless compatibility with the Microsoft Office file formats and the sheer speed of the applications – this, together with attractive pricing, is an unbeatable proposition.

High-quality computer typefaces are the second pillar of the SoftMaker business model. The MegaFont NEXT and infiniType product lines give home users and professional designers alike affordable access to a premium typeface library.

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