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3D Model Software - Mixamo Fuse

3D Model Software - Adobe Fuse CC (formerly Mixamo Fuse Character Creator) is a 3D computer graphics software developed by Mixamo that enables users to create 3D characters. Its main novelty is the ability to import and integrate user generated content into the character creator. Fuse is part of Mixamo's product suite and it is aimed at video game developers, video game modders, and 3D enthusiasts.

Fuse is a client based product that lets users choose and modify character components such as body parts in real-time. Users can also customize their characters with clothing and texture options provided by Allegorithmic.[9] Fuse's main novelty is the ability for users to import and automatically integrate their own content into the character creation system, leveraging all the features of pre-loaded content. Fuse characters are rigged through Mixamo online service. Characters have a bone driven rig and a blend shape based facial rig for facial animation.

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